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Summer Co-op/OYAP


No time to take Co-op? Sign up for Summer School CO-OP. Earn 2 credits. Summer school OYAP/CO-OP is available to all secondary students in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, however priority is given to students who require two credits to graduate or Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) students who are having difficulty fitting co-op into their academic plan. Preplacement begins in June (evenings). Program location is to be determined.

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Summer Co-op for grade 11 or 12 SUCOOP
Summer Co-op - 2018, provides students (at least 16 years old by June 28, 2018) an opportunity to experience a full-day unpaid work placement and earn credits during the summer when co-op might not fit into a student’s regular school schedule. This two-credit course may be taken at any level en route to any destination (Apprenticeship, College, University, or Workplace). This is also a great option for students who want to gain experience in a skilled trade area (OYAP), or who are involved in the Specialist High Skills Major Program. Choosing summer Co-op will not take up 2 slots on your timetable - you must choose 2 other courses to take during the school year. Note: students will need to make a full 5 week commitment (June 28 to Aug. 2). Enrollment will be capped and applications received after March 26, 2018 may not be considered. Priority will be given to students needing credits to graduate and SHSM students who cannot fit co-op into their regular school timetable.
COURSE NOTE: Complete the Application, Parent Permission & Teacher Reference Forms
• Access to Co-op is based on student readiness and program availability
• Students will be contacted by a Co-op teacher for an interview
• A Tb test, Police check, or specialized application pkg. may be required depending on placement request
• Students are responsible for placement expenses.
More info and forms at Guidance & Co-op Offi