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The College Cooperative Education Program (CCEP) is a pilot project by the Grand Connections School/College/Work Initiative (SCWI), funded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. This program will run semester one and two, subject to sufficent enrollment.

It is a Transition to College Program where year 4 or 5 students attend Conestoga College ITAL, Doon Campus to take a College course. Successful completion of the college course will provide an equivalent Grade 12 secondary school credit.  Students will also take two credits of Cooperative Education. College courses are typically a foundational course and consist of a 3 hour course per week, for 15 weeks. The Co-op courses follows the regular high school semester with the same start, end, and holiday times.

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CCEP - College Cooperative Education Program CCEP12
This Transition to College program is an opportunity for grade 12 students to attend Conestoga College and take a tuition free college course that counts as an elective on their high school transcript, and is a credit that can be applied to a variety of future College programs. Students will also complete a two credit co-op placement that is related to the college course, or an unrelated placement, if the student chooses.
The College courses are applicable to programs in the following areas of study: Business, Community Services, Health Care and Life Sciences, Law & Security, Media and Design, Recreation & Design. Priority will be given to students interested in a College pathway and needing credits to graduate.
COURSE NOTE: Complete the Application Form, Parent Permission & Teacher Reference Forms.
• Students will be contacted by a Co-op teacher for an interview.
• A Tb test, Police check, or specialized application pkg. may be required depending on placement request
• Students are responsible for placement expenses. Schools will support students who require assistance.
More info and forms at, Guidance & Co-op offices.
COREQUISITES: If you take this course, you must also take CCEPCO - Co-op for CCEP