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Grade 9
English (Pre-AP) ENG1DP
Students in this course will meet the same curriculum expectations and cover the same workload as students in ENG 1DI. This course is designed for independent learners who are highly motivated in the area communications, including reading, writing, oral communications and media studies. Some course content will be studied at a deeper level to enhance critical thinking skills in preparation for university.
COURSE NOTE: This course is recommended for students seeking enrichment and whose average in English exceeds the provincial average of 75%. Students should download a Pre-AP English Referral Form from the school website, have their current English teacher fill it out, and submit it to guidance.
CREDIT EQUIVALENTS: ENG1DI - English (Academic) is a similar course and you will not receive credit for taking both.
Core French (Pre-AP) FSF1DP
This enrichment course in French emphasizes the analytical reading, writing, oral communication and thinking skills that students need for success in secondary school academic programs and their daily lives. Students will build on and apply their knowledge of French while exploring a variety of themes using francophone culture, technology and focusing on oral communication targeting the correct and effective use of spoken and written language.
COURSE NOTE: A Pre-AP French student must be self-motivated, confident in the language and ready for new learning opportunities and challenges.
It is recommended that students have an 80% average in grade 8 French. Referral from your grade 8 teacher is recommended.
CREDIT EQUIVALENTS: FSF1DI - Core French (Academic) is a similar course and you will not receive credit for taking both.