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Exploring the Construction Trades (3 Dual Credits) TCT4C3
Explore Construction Careers; trade areas may include
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
• Carpentry
• Brick & Stone Masonry
This three credit program provides students from all 5 high schools with an opportunity to explore Construction careers, while gaining safety training and basic skill development in specific skilled trades. Classes will be held at the Waterloo Campus of Conestoga College for 3 hours in the morning during first semester. A Conestoga College teacher will deliver the instruction in each area and a secondary school teacher will be assigned to support the students and the delivery of the program. Transportation to the college will be arranged through the School/College/Work Initiative. The cost of safety boots and safety glasses will be covered up to a maximum of $100 per student.
COURSE NOTE: Co-op is recommended for the following semester. Priority will be given to students interested in a college or apprenticeship pathway and needing credits to graduate.
PREREQUISITE: TCJ3EI - Construction Technology
CAPP Dual Credit (College Apprenticeship Preparation & Co-op) CAPP
CAPP Dual Credit (College Apprenticeship Preparation & Co-op) programs are for students focused on careers as an:
• Automotive Service Technician
• Brick & Stone Mason
• Cook
• General Machinist or Tool & Die Maker
• Truck & Coach Technician
• Welder

These programs operate in partnership with Conestoga College. Students are registered as an OYAP Participants at the start of the program and work towards completing pre-apprenticeship training for their chosen trade, as well as completing hours through Co-op, that may apply towards their apprenticeship. Students will earn (2) secondary credits for successful completion of the college courses and (2) Co-op credits.
A Grade 11 and/or 12 related Tech course is required as a prerequisite. These programs will run semester two and are only for Grade 12 students who need 4 credits or fewer to graduate and have all compulsory credits completed by the end of Semester 1 of Grade 12.
COURSE NOTE: Access to Co-op is based on student readiness and program availability.
• Complete the Application Form, Parent Permission & Teacher Reference Forms.
• Students will be contacted by a Co-op teacher for an interview.
• Students are responsible for placement costs (e.g., transportation).
More information and forms at Guidance & Co-op Office
CREDIT: 4TYPE: ApprenticeshipGRADE: 12