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CCEP - College Cooperative Education Program CCEP12
This Transition to College program is an opportunity for grade 12 students to attend Conestoga College and take a tuition free college course that counts as an elective on their high school transcript, and is a credit that can be applied to a variety of future College programs. Students will also complete a two credit co-op placement that is related to the college course, or an unrelated placement, if the student chooses.
The College courses are applicable to programs in the following areas of study: Business, Community Services, Health Care and Life Sciences, Law & Security, Media and Design, Recreation & Design. Priority will be given to students interested in a College pathway and needing credits to graduate.
COURSE NOTE: Complete the Application Form, Parent Permission & Teacher Reference Forms.
• Students will be contacted by a Co-op teacher for an interview.
• A Tb test, Police check, or specialized application pkg. may be required depending on placement request
• Students are responsible for placement expenses. Schools will support students who require assistance.
More info and forms at, Guidance & Co-op offices.
COREQUISITES: If you take this course, you must also take CCEPCO - Co-op for CCEP