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Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Holly High School and the Holly High School Course Selection Guide.

The Holly High School staff is excited about the upcoming school year and the many programs and course offerings your students may choose from.  Year after year, students continue to teach us that involved students are successful students.  With this in mind,   please give careful consideration to the courses and activities in which you choose to participate, ensuring a rewarding and challenging school year. 

Utilizing resources such as counselors, teachers, parents, and the Career Center will assist you in making purposeful and rewarding choices.  When determining course selections, you should align your choices with your desired career pathway (see Exploring Career Pathways section) and the career goals you have identified in your Educational Development Plan (EDP).

Best wishes for another terrific school year.


Principal Signature

Peter T. LoFiego

“The mission of Holly High School is to provide a safe environment that encourages academic growth, creativity, personal development, and productive citizenship.”