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Information Technology

Jean Vanier Catholic High School has a technology focus and students who attend Jean Vanier Catholic High School are expected to achieve essential graduation outcomes through the selection and integration of appropriate information technologies.  Information Technology refers to the tools that exist to create, store, retrieve and disseminate information, using a variety of media such as computer-based media; data and information systems; and curriculum software.


Information technology is used in education to support and improve learning.  It improves learning when the technology is accessible, flexible, responsive, and integrated thoroughly into all school programs.


Vision of Technology at

Jean Vanier Catholic High School


Jean Vanier Catholic High School’s vision for technology is

to integrate the use of information technologies in the classroom

as a tool for the enhancement, extension, and application of the curriculum.  Information technology use has been shown to

aid in the development of research and writing skills and to

foster curriculum integration. Information technologies in an “anywhere, anytime” learning environment will equip student-

learners with the advanced skills required to meet the

challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.