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Continuing Education



§         Correspondence Courses:  The Independent Learning Centre offers secondary school credit courses for individuals who wish to work independently towards the secondary school diploma.  Registration is only available if the student cannot enroll in the course in day school.  Contact your guidance counsellor for information on the Independent Learning Centre Student Guide.

§         Continuing Education:  This involves the provision of credit and non-credit courses for students who wish to study part-time or full time for a short term outside of the secondary school program.  Courses may include night, summer school, and Saturday courses.  See your guidance counsellor for further details. 

§         Alternative Education:  Jean Vanier Catholic High School offers an alternative education program to students who are at risk.  The program addresses the needs of 17-20 year old underachieving students who have a credit deficit and are at risk of dropping out of school.  Through an individualized education plan, students customize their program to recover lost credits.  The program contains the elements of independent learning (ILC), customized work experience, career mentorship and counselling to access multiple credits over each semester.  Admission is contingent upon a student request, application, and the approval of the Alternative Education Screening Committee.  Please visit the Guidance Office if further information is required.


Summer school courses are generally for students needing to upgrade a mark in a course already taken; others may choose to accelerate with the advice of a counsellor.