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Every student in grade 9 to 11 is expected to enroll in 8 full credits; 4 courses per semester. 





Course codes at Jean Vanier Catholic High School reflect government stipulations across the province.  All courses have the first 5 characters as mandated by the Ministry of Education and a sixth character for school use:










Grade 9 Academic English
















D = Academic








P = Applied








U = University








M = University/College








C = College








E = Workplace








O = Open








L = Locally Developed
















1 = 9








2 = 10








3 = 11








4 = 12







Course Designation






The choice of a high school program is a task that involves a great deal of thought and planning.  The Ontario educational system permits the choice of courses that are suited to a student’s abilities, needs and aspirations.  This, however, has made the process of choosing a school program complex and challenging.  In order to plan your program wisely, the following recommendations are offered to students:


§         Review past marks and achievements.  Previous grades are good indicators of level of achievement, application to task and effectiveness of personal study skills.  These are very important in choosing the proper courses and streams and/or destinations.

§         Align your courses/streams/destination with your goals of your university/college/work.

§         Consult with parents and encourage them to request interviews with teachers and counsellors.  These people can present an objective evaluation of abilities and aspirations.

§         Talk to your Guidance Counsellor.


Try to make a long-term plan.  Choose courses, which will lead to future educational goals, and/or job training opportunities, which can be pursued.




Students and parents/guardians should carefully refer to the following information when deciding upon courses for the next academic year:


1.       All students must make every effort to select their courses wisely, having due regard for their God-given talents, future educational and career plans, as well as diploma requirements.  Selections must be made with the advice and approval of parents/guardians, department heads, guidance counsellors and an administrator.


2.       The deadline for course changes for the 2017-2018 year will be April 7th, 2017.  Requests for timetable changes after this date can only be made for academic reasons.  The following are serious academic reasons for changing courses:

§               lack of pre-requisite course requirements or low marks in the prerequisite course.

§               credits obtained through summer school, or night school.

§               inability to schedule selected courses.

§               senior students whose career/post secondary plans have changed.


3.       Students are strongly urged to satisfy the Arts and Physical Education requirements before completing grade 11.




Parents and students should be aware that courses are offered and student timetables are constructed on the basis of their choices of subjects in the spring.  Thus, it is often not possible to accommodate requests for course or stream/destination changes once decisions have been made concerning the number of classes to be opened, the courses to be offered, the teachers and students time-tabled, etc.  In any event, if possible, course or stream/destination changes will be made only according to the following criteria:


Ø       Prior to April 7th  provided that there is room in the proposed new course;

Ø       After April 7th and up to the first Friday of the appropriate semester only if there is a valid educational or career reason and provided that there is room in the  course and as set out in the course change form..

Ø       Requests to change teachers will not be accommodated.




All grade 9 and 10 courses will be streamed as follows:

Ø       Academic – Focus on theory and abstract problems

Ø       Applied Focus on practical applications and concrete examples

Ø       Open These courses are designed to prepare students for further study in certain subjects and to enrich their education generally.

Ø       Locally Developed – These courses provide practical knowledge and skills.


The Ministry of Education has noted that Applied, Academic and Open courses differ, not in the level of skill required, but in the kinds of problems presented, and the use of content and concepts.”


NOTE:  Students who intend to switch from a grade 9 Applied course to a grade 10 Academic course will be encouraged to complete additional course work of up to 30 hours in order to demonstrate achievement of the learning expectations.

All grade 11 and 12 courses will be streamed by destinations as follows:


Ø        University “U” – Will equip students with the knowledge and skills to meet the requirements for university.

Ø     University/College “M”– Will equip students with the knowledge and skills to meet the entrance requirements for programs at universities and colleges.

Ø       College “C”– Will equip students with the knowledge and skills to meet the requirements for most  college programs or for admission to apprenticeship or other training programs.

Ø       Open “O”- Will broaden students’ knowledge and skills in subjects that reflect their interests.

Ø       Workplace “E”– Will equip students with the knowledge and skills to meet the expectations of employees or the requirements for admission to certain apprenticeship or other training programs.


Locally Developed Course (LDC) - Meets educational needs not met by provincial curriculum policy documents.  They may be developed to accommodate educational and/or career preparation needs of students.  Some LDC courses have been developed for students receiving special education services whose need for particular course content cannot be met by a course based on provincial curriculum policy documents.




Courses of study are available at the school for parents’ perusal.  These courses of study have been developed according to the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education.  On different occasions during the school year, parents are also afforded the opportunity for direct consultation with teachers regarding courses of study, assessment and evaluation policies and other points of interest concerning specific courses of study.  An outline of each course of study and the evaluation policy will be given to each student at the beginning of each semester.




Jean Vanier Catholic High School will endeavour to identify the core knowledge, skills and attitudes that all secondary school graduates are expected to have in order to succeed in the world of work or post secondary education.


These outcomes are summarized under the headings of Literacy, Numeracy, Research Methodologies, Critical Thinking, Personal Life Management, Citizenship, Global Perspectives and Technological Competencies.




The policy of the government of Ontario is that there be equal educational opportunity in the province and that it is inappropriate for any school to deny a student access to a course solely on the basis of the student’s gender, except where so described in the Ministry of Education guidelines.  Courses developed in this school are available to both male and female students.