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Requirements for Ontario Secondary School Diploma



·         A full credit is granted by the principal in recognition of the successful completion of a course that has been scheduled for a minimum of 110 hours.

·         Credits are granted by a principal on behalf of the Minister of Education and Training, for courses that have been developed or approved by the ministry.

·         A half credit may be granted for each 55-hour part of a 110-hour ministry-developed course.  Half

       credit courses must comply with ministry requirements as outlined in the curriculum policy documents.

·         Partial credits may be granted for the successful completion of certain locally developed courses.


Earn 30 Credits – A credit is a means of recognition of the successful completion of a course for which a minimum of 110 hours has been scheduled.


Ø       18 Compulsory Credits:

§         4 credits in English (1 credit per grade)

§         1 credit in French-As-A-Second-Language

§         3 credits in Mathematics (at least 1 credit in grades 11 or 12)

§         2 credits in Science

§         1 credit in Canadian History

§         1 credit in Canadian Geography

§         1 credit in the Arts

§         1 credit in Physical and Health Education

§         ½  credit in Civics and  ½ credit in Career Studies

§     (Group 1) - 1 additional credit in English/Francais, or French as a second language, or a native language, or classical or an international language, or Social Science or the humanities, or Canadian and World Studies or guidance and career education, French as a second or cooperative education

§  (Group 2) - 1 credit in one of:  Physical Education, Music, Art, Drama, Dance or Business/Entrepreneurial Studies, French as a second language or cooperative education

§       (Group 3) - 1 credit in grades 11 or 12 Science or 1 credit in grade 9 – 12 Technology , French as a second language or cooperative education, computer science

Ø       Mandatory Enrollments: (1 course in each grade)

§         4 credits in Religious Education

Ø       Elective Credits:

§         8 elective credits

§         may be earned in all subject areas, including those on a compulsory list

§         any number of additional credits may be taken to complete the student’s program.