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The Library Learning Commons is an integral part of the York Catholic District School Board’s educational program.  Teacher-librarians, in partnership with subject teachers, focus on the development and implementation of information literacy skills essential to the students’ successful academic achievement.  Information literacy refers to the ability to acquire, critically select, and effectively use and communicate information in ways that promote knowledge, higher level thinking skills, and wisdom.


The Information Studies curricular program taught in the Library Learning Commons stresses the development of research, presentation, and information and digital literacy skills.  In addition, the Teacher-Librarian ensures that relevant and appropriate print and e-collections are available for staff and students to meet a wide variety of curricular and personal needs.  Students become more competent users of information and thus, better able to successfully complete research assignments required in their courses.  The Library Learning Commons also develops life-long literacy skills and a love of reading.  This is accomplished by creating a dynamic teaching and learning environment that reflects our Christian values and the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.


More recently, the education system is advancing its use of technology in the classroom, providing students with the necessary tools to be able to thrive in the 21st Century.  21st Century learning skills not only empower students to positively use technology in the classroom, but also teach students how to work collaboratively with their peers.  The Library Learning Commons supports students in this manner buy providing them with various technologies that can be used independently or with a classroom teacher and by having a dynamic and functional learning environment that can be used throughout the day for various needs in various configurations.

Ultimately, the focus of the Library Learning Commons is to support student learning and interpersonal development by providing students with the tools they need to be responsible, collaborative digital citizens with the insight to see how they can impact the world as they prepare for life after high school.