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Special Education



The Special Education Department offers programs covering the spectrum of academic needs of exceptional students, as formally recognized through Identification, Placement, Review Committee (IPRC).  These services are set-up to function in a consultative, diagnostic and supportive manner for students, teachers and parents.


We offer the following programs:  Learning Strategies, Core Resource Teaching, Functional Life Skills, Educational Support and Tutorial.  Other services that can be accessed include system level support such as Speech and Language and Behaviour Management services.


Ø       Core Resource Program – This program exists to meet the needs of exceptional students who require in-class support.  Students are monitored on a regular basis by the core resource teacher and offered remedial support during class time, examinations or testing periods.  Some students are recommended for a Learning Strategies course to concentrate on language and organizational skills.  Other students, who are not identified as exceptional, may also benefit from services of the department by receiving support and remediation for a particular subject or skills.

Ø       Learning Strategies - This course is available to students who are deemed by an I.P.R.C. in need of support of developing their learning skills so that they can reach their full potential.  Strategies taught help with developing a good understanding of one’s personal learning style.  Learning skills are taught in such a way that the students are encouraged to apply the strategies to their regular subject class.

Ø      Tutorial Program - The Tutorial Program is offered to students who may require an alternative learning environment to meet their needs.  Students are recommended and approved by the Student Services Committee.  Student academic needs are served through the Independent Learning Center courses which students take at their own pace under supervision of the Tutorial teacher.  The Special Education Department interviews candidates for this program.

Ø       Functional Life Skills - This program is for students who are developmentally delayed.  A primary goal of this service is the practical integration of these young people into school life through regular classroom experiences and into society through work programs.  Students in our FLS program benefit through the support of the Educational Assistants, Behavioural Resource, Speech and Language or Physical management personnel.

Ø       Educational Support Program - The Educational Support Program (E.S.) is for students who have specific learning needs.  Students are assisted and supported in class and may request support directly from the Core Resource teacher.


Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) of the York Catholic District School Board was established to examine, review and make recommendations to the Board with respect to any matter affecting the establishment and development of special education programs and services for students with exceptional needs.  SEAC consists of community associations, three trustees and the Superintendent responsible for Special Education.  SEAC members are available as a resource for students with exceptional needs, parents/guardians of such students, schools, educators, trustees and the community.  SEAC holds regular monthly meetings that are open to the public.  All parents and interested members of the public are invited to attend these meetings.  For more information on SEAC or special education services in the York Catholic District School Board, please contact the Superintendent of Student Services at (905) 713-2711.


Special Education Plan

The School Board maintains a Special Education Plan, reviews it annually and amends it from time to time to meet the current needs of its exceptional pupils.  A full description of programs and services can be found in the plan.


Special Education Parent Guide.

Copies of the booklet “Understanding the IPRC Process:  A Parent Guide” are available through the school board office.  This guide reflects information contained in Regulation 181/98.


Special Education Policies and Programs

The York Catholic District School Board provides a wide range of programs and services for students with special needs.  It is the Board’s practice to focus on the needs of exceptional students and to create opportunities for these students to develop their individual potential in partnership with parents in an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and respect.