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Blue Comets,

Life is a series of choices and experiences; some are big and some are small.  The pathway that you choose for yourself in these formidable years of your life will shape your future in one way or the other.  Where is your pathway leading you?  Where do you want to go?  What future do you want for your life?

Your future begins here and now at Asheboro High School.  There are a tremendous amount of options to choose from in this course catalog.  If you’re like I was in high school, you’re not sure what you want to do “when you grow up.”  In that case, choose courses that allow you to try something new.  Electives were limited at my high school, but they are abundant here at AHS, so take advantage of it.  If you already have a firm grasp of your pathway through school, look for courses where you can extend your learning or enrich it.  For example, if you want to be a psychologist one day and have your own office and be your own “boss”, consider taking a business course or two that will enrich the learning you’ve received in your psychology courses.  We have courses that range from music to automotive repair, from nursing to zoology, from the Air Force to the kitchen, and everything in between!

We also have a wide selection of Advanced Placement (AP) and Randolph Community College (RCC) courses from which you can choose.  A letter grade in an AP course carries the most weight in your Grade Point Average (GPA), then an Honors course, and then a Standard course, in that order, so challenge yourself.  A goal we have set is to see each of the students at AHS take at least one AP or RCC course before he or she graduates in four years and I know we can achieve it!

Your whole life is in front of you and it’s exciting, but also something you should be thinking about whenever you make pathway choices here at the high school via course registration.  Make the most of your opportunities.  Your counselors, teachers, and administrators are more than willing to assist you in making decisions regarding your classes. We are committed to providing students with opportunities that will enable them to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners and productive 21st century global citizens.  It is our daily mission.  Best wishes as you determine your pathway.

Most Sincerely,

Brian Saunders


Congratulations!  You are about to enter the most exciting time of your life as you choose your courses for next year. Your high school career will go by quicker than you can imagine. These are the years you will grow and change the most. This catalog contains all your opportunities for core classes and electives. 


I challenge you to choose a course that maybe you wouldn't normally be interested in.

Perhaps you would like to try a foreign language, art, or maybe even a foods class.

Most importantly, enjoy the next chapter of your life at Asheboro High School.

Go Blue Comets!!


Kyle Lamb

Chairman Asheboro City Schools Board of Education