Career Cruising: Course Planner Module
  • High School Planner
    Real course selections, real credit history, accurate graduation tracking. This integrates tightly with the Portfolio / Education Plan.
  • Customized Advisory Alerts
    Guidance Staff can provide recommendations and highlight special information on courses that can be viewed by parents and students.
  • Career / Cluster Possibilities
    As students plan courses, they receive instant visual impact on career and cluster possibilities.
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  • Seamless Data Integration
    Credit history is visible in planner, course requests integrate with scheduling system.
Choose an application with true SIS vendor integration
Career Cruising has proven integration experience with over 30 SIS vendors. We also have custom built modules and priority support with partners like SRB (Trillium), PowerSchool and Maplewood.
Course Planning with Visual Impact on Future Possibilities
Using local course codes and real credit history, students can see the visual impact of selecting courses and how it affects their future.
Course Planner is fully integrated with the Portfolio / Education Plan, combining students’ exploration activities and course selections into one seamless process.
Validated Course Selections and Recommendations
Students can view the same detailed course information available in their traditional course catalogue while making their selections.
Prerequisite and successor relationships are clearly displayed.
Fully customized advisory alerts relay important information such as teacher recommendations and prerequisite issues.
Course selections are exported back to your student information system for scheduling.
Graduation Requirement Tracking
An easy-to-read graphical interface provides students with a simple view of the courses they have completed and planned, as well as those that are still required.
Schools can enter an unlimited number of graduation pathways and special certification options.
Easy and Informative Guidance Tools
Guidance staff has access to simple dashboards with detailed drill down reporting.
Guidance staff can get quick snapshots of the course selection process and use quick message / email tools to reach out to specific students.
The Course Planner can be configured locally to handle all custom school requirements.
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