TCA Online StudyGuide: Proven SAT and ACT Prep

TCA's test preparation system helps you to level the playing field and ensure that all students in your school are ready to take the SAT and ACT. The educator-developed program has been proven to raise school SAT and ACT averages. TCA's Online StudyGuide diagnoses a real SAT or ACT and gives your students a detailed analysis of their performance. By aggregating this data, the Online StudyGuide shows teachers where they should focus their test preparation efforts. The StudyGuide also tracks student progress and gives you the tools you need to tailor each student's test prep program.

Optional tools including professional development, curriculum guides and student workbooks for the SAT and ACT are available to help you build a consistent SAT/ACT prep program, extend your test prep efforts, and enable your core curriculum teachers to support SAT/ACT prep efforts.

"This is the first year we've worked with TCA and, frankly, the results are outstanding! As of the January 2009 SAT administration all four [of our] schools have shown a significant increase in their school's SAT average."
Dr. Heath Morrison, Community Superintendent,
Montgomery County Public Schools
TCA System Components
Online StudyGuide

Using a real SAT or ACT, the Online StudyGuide pinpoints exactly where your students need to work.


An online focused review of the key concepts tested by the SAT or ACT for use in the final week before test day.

Individual Skills Feedback
TCA's Online StudyGuide gives students a detailed analysis of their performance through their Skills Feedback Report. The report clearly shows where students need to focus their efforts to maximize their score.
Gives your students a clearly defined path to a higher score by using a real SAT or ACT to diagnose skill deficiencies.
Comprehensive Reporting to Drive Instruction
We take the individual performance of each student and aggregate the data to show you where your teachers should focus their test preparation efforts.
These reports can be displayed at the classroom, school, or district level. Separate reports can be generated for each area of the SAT or ACT.
Developed by Educators
Each lesson has been carefully developed by a team of educators and is designed to review a skill area in a way that is reflective of how it is tested by the SAT or ACT.
Proven 5 Step Process
TCA's self-paced 5 Step program has been proven in schools for more than 20 years.
Step 1: Overview
Step 2: Take a Real Test
Step 3: Score and Analyze
Step 4: Review Skill Deficiencies
Step 5: Rework Diagnostic Test
Optional Add-ons
WritePrep Essay Analysis

WritePrep is an online tool that provides automatic essay scoring and analysis. WritePrep’s accurate scores and immediate feedback enhance the test prep process for your students.

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Curriculum Guides & Workbooks

Extend the power of the StudyGuide to the classroom and build a consistent program that enables core curriculum teachers to support your test prep efforts.

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Professional Development

Flexible professional development opportunities help to ensure that you and your students are getting the full benefits of the TCA system.

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