For ages people have been trying to understand why people act as they do. Why do some people always get things done on time? Why do others have a sixth sense about people and have amazing interpersonal skills? Who makes a good leader? Xyting Insightâ„¢ is a new and unique way of answering these questions.

The Xyting (pronounced "exciting") Insightâ„¢ assessment identifies patterns in how the brain processes information and the resulting behaviors and competencies. People fall into one of 16 different behavioral profiles and four different work modes. Of course, not everyone is "dead center" in a given profile due to different environmental backgrounds, but people in the same profile tend to have strikingly similar behavior patterns. These patterns reflect each person's preferred, or "natural", way of thinking and interacting with the people and things around them.

The Xyting Insightâ„¢ instrument is based on a model developed using principles of cognitive neuroscience, sociology, physiology, psychology, and systems engineering. It was scientifically derived and reflects a new scheme of how the mind functions, rather than just observations of behaviors grouped into profiles as other instruments have done.
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