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Cooperative Education
Cooperative Education (1/2 DAY, 2 periods) COOP8
Is there something that you love to do? Fix cars? Work with children? Do you need work experience? Does your resume need a boost? Do you want to try your hand at a career before leaving secondary school? Are you thinking about a post-secondary apprenticeship in a skilled trade? If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, then Cooperative Education is for you!

Co-op is a planned learning experience in which you will be scheduled into a 1/2 day (2 credits; morning or afternoon) work placement in an occupation of your choice. Co-op blends what you have learned in the classroom with a practical, hands-on work experience. You will gain valuable experience in the workplace and employability skills while earning two credits towards your OSSD.
COURSE NOTE: Students who would like to take co-op BOTH semesters need to also select COOP9.

Students who are considering a FULL-DAY co-op opportunity, please speak with Mr. Bruschke and/or Mr. Domarchuk in order to first ensure that this is a viable option. Then, students need to also add the course code "COOP9".
Cooperative Education (FULL DAY or 1 co-op each Semester) COOP9
Select COOP9 only if:
-you have already selected COOP8 and you want a full day co-op for one semester next year, OR
-you have already selected COOP 8 ad you want a half day co-op for both semesters next year.

COOP8 is the regular co-op course. COOP9 is only to be used if you want COOP8 and more!

Guidance Counsellors and/or Co-op Teachers will meet with you to identify which option you are interested in and will adjust your timetable accordingly.
PREREQUISITE: COOP8 - Cooperative Education (1/2 DAY, 2 periods)