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Cooperative Education
Cooperative Education (1/2 DAY, 2 periods) COOP8
Is there something that you love to do? Fix cars? Work with children? Do you need work experience? Does your resume need a boost? Do you want to try your hand at a career before leaving secondary school? Are you thinking about a post-secondary apprenticeship in a skilled trade? If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, then Cooperative Education is for you!

Co-op is a planned learning experience in which you will be scheduled into a 1/2 day (2 credits; morning or afternoon) work placement in an occupation of your choice. Co-op blends what you have learned in the classroom with a practical, hands-on work experience. You will gain valuable experience in the workplace and employability skills while earning two credits towards your OSSD.
COURSE NOTE: Students who would like to take co-op BOTH semesters need to also select COOP9.

Students who are considering a FULL-DAY co-op opportunity, please speak with Mr. Bruschke and/or Mr. Domarchuk in order to first ensure that this is a viable option. Then, students need to also add the course code "COOP9".
Cooperative Education - Entrepreneurship/Innovation COOPE
ADMISSION INTO THIS CO-OP PROGRAM IS BY APPLICATION. Selecting this course indicates that you are interested in the program but does not guarantee your spot! See Mr. Bruschke in Co-op for your application and for more information.

Students across the DSBN have the opportunity to apply for the Entrepreneurship - Cooperative Education experience. The goal of this experience is to allow students to have the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship as a potential career path by allowing them to learn from entrepreneurs, explore the entrepreneurship development cycle and to bring their innovative ideas to fruition. In the end, students will present their work in a “pitch-like” presentation and may choose to prepare a business plan to submit to Summer Company for additional support to continue to pursue their entrepreneurial idea. .
COURSE NOTE: This Co-op Course requires a pre-screening interview. Selecting this course on your Course Plan does not guarantee that you're in - it does guarantee that a co-op teacher will meet with you and work with you on your application for this amazing, unique DSBN business opportunity.
Cooperative Education (FULL DAY or 1 co-op each Semester) COOP9
Select COOP9 only if:
-you have already selected COOP8 and you want a full day co-op for one semester next year, OR
-you have already selected COOP 8 ad you want a half day co-op for both semesters next year.

COOP8 is the regular co-op course. COOP9 is only to be used if you want COOP8 and more!

Guidance Counsellors and/or Co-op Teachers will meet with you to identify which option you are interested in and will adjust your timetable accordingly.
PREREQUISITE: COOP8 - Cooperative Education (1/2 DAY, 2 periods)