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We are a Catholic Learning Community of collaborative partners, called to serve one another by being committed to and accountable for quality learning by all, with Jesus as our inspiration.


In this calendar, you will find what you need to know about Father McGivney and the courses that are offered in the school for this academic year.  All students are strongly urged to read  this calendar carefully to become well-informed about the school and its programs of study.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to consult this calendar to assist their child to make thoughtful and well-informed decisions about courses each year.  General information about courses and the way they are organized is provided in this information section.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a teacher, guidance counsellor or a school administrator.  If you are a new student  to the school,  contact our Guidance Department at 905-472-0240 or the school office at  905-472-4961.  We are here to help you.


September 1997 marked a new era in the  history of Father Michael McGivney when it was designated an Academy by the York Catholic District School Board, with a focus on Mathematics, Science and Technology.  Consistent with the Father McGivney Mission Statement, the Academy strives to build an inclusive Christian community that recognizes and serves the needs of all students at all academic levels.  Through higher student expectations, greater parental and community involvement, increased use of current technology and continuous monitoring of student progress, the Academy strives to deliver enhanced curricular and co-curricular programs.

Specifically, Father McGivney Academy focuses its curriculum and programme initiatives to meet the scholastic and technological needs of our rapidly changing world.   Greater emphasis will be placed on curriculum and instruction in an effort to apply this technology across the curriculum.

Moreover, given the multicultural make-up of our school community, Father McGivney Catholic Academy endeavours to promote equity education in all aspects of school life.  Through our School Council the school seeks more community input into school decision making, expanded in-school and community support for students, the establishment of alternative and outreach programs for our students, and the development and implementation of relevant curriculum and instruction.

The school strives to provide sound educational practices that allow for the genuine inclusion of all students by addressing the issues of equity and justice for all the school. This supports successful learning outcomes for all students who join the Father  McGivney Catholic community.


Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy is a community of faith in which every person - student, teacher, administrator, support staff - practices leadership based on the model of Jesus Christ.  We are devoted to service to others, marked by personal humility and a profound sense of the mystery and depth of God’s love.

Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy is a Catholic Academy that promotes responsible stewardship of the earth and a deep commitment to social justice throughout the world. Our educational experience must challenge the values of our consumer-oriented society and seek to rebuild society on Christian values of faith, hope and love.

Father McGivney Catholic Academy is a school that encourages and enables students to take responsibility for their own learning while striving to become self-motivated learners.  Students are invited to participate in a variety of planned learning experiences designed to promote independent thinking and exploration.  Students are encouraged to become aware of the world in all its richness and diversity while becoming aware of themselves as responsible and mature young people.

Our school strives to provide challenging and interesting academic courses that appeal to students and draw forth their best efforts.  The school offers a wide variety of co-instructional activities including athletic, artistic and cultural endeavours to encourage full student participation.  Finally, it is a school where God’s presence is made evident in the celebrations of the Eucharist, para-liturgies and community service activities including visits to seniors, fund-raising for Share Life and the Missions, work in food banks, and shelters for the homeless.


The policy of our school, the government of Ontario and the York Catholic District School Board is to provide equal educational opportunity for all.  Father McGivney Catholic Academy is committed to establishing an environment free of sex role stereotyping or any other prejudices which may limit the development of the individual student.  Provision is made for the individual, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of students and helpful guidance is given concerning varying needs and future education.



It is the policy of our school, the government of Ontario and the York Catholic District School Board that multiculturalism and race relations require the schools to have programs, policies and services that help prepare all students to live in a multicultural and multiracial society.


The School Library Information Centre is an integral part of the York Catholic District School Board’s educational program.  Teacher-librarians, in partnership with subject teachers, focus on the development and implementation of information literacy skills essential to the students’ successful academic achievement.  Information literacy refers to the ability to acquire, critically select and effectively use and communicate information in ways which promote knowledge, higher level thinking skills and wisdom.  The Information Studies curricular program taught in the School Library Information Centre stresses the development of research, presentation, and information and electronic literacy skills.  In addition, the Teacher-Librarian ensures that a strong print collection is available for staff and students to meet a wide variety of curricular needs.  Students become more competent users of information and thus, better able to successfully complete research assignments required in their courses.  The School Library Information Centre teaching program also develops life-long literacy skills and a love of reading.  This is accomplished by creating a dynamic teaching and learning environment  which reflects our Christian values and the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.


Regular attendance is a key component of the learning and evaluation of  courses offered at Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy.  The school attendance policy is included in the Student Handbook issued annually to each student.


The school uniform is supported by our parent community as well as  the staff of Father McGivney Catholic Academy.  Students who enroll at Father McGivney Catholic Academy do so with a full awareness of the uniform requirements.  Therefore, when a student chooses Father McGivney Catholic Academy, he or she agrees to abide by the established dress code.  Both staff and parents regard the school uniform as a means of creating a distinct school identity.  Students who do not respect the dress code are in effect undermining this goal.  Uniform items are to be purchased from Halpern’s Ltd. Students with uniform items that do not comply with this standard will be consequenced.


Father McGivney Catholic Academy is a school that promotes responsibility, respect, civility and academic excellence in a safe learning environment.  All students, parents, teachers and staff have the right to be safe, and feel safe in their school community.  With this right comes the responsibility to be law-abiding citizens and to be accountable for actions that put  the safety of others and self at risk.  The Ontario Code of Conduct sets clear provincial standards of behaviour.  It specifies the mandatory consequences for students’ actions that do not comply with these standards.  Our complete School Code of Conduct can be found in the Student Handbook that each student receives in September.

All members of the Father McGivney community are to be treated with respect and dignity, especially persons in positions of authority.  Respect and responsibility are demonstrated when students come to school prepared;  are punctual and ready to learn; show respect for themselves, for others and for those in authority; refrain from bringing anything to school that may compromise the safety of others; follow the established rules and take responsibility for their own actions. 


The Chaplaincy Team at Father McGivney helps to facilitate a smooth academic year for all students.  Students are free to come, visit and chat with the members of the chaplaincy team about any issue.  The chaplaincy team at Father McGivney hopes to facilitate new students’ adjustment to high school. 

Our welcoming of new students involves a retreat/reflection day in the first semester to assist students in getting to know one another and to reflect on their role in the high school community.  Students will also be encouraged to participate in the liturgical life of the school - everything from reading morning reflections over the P.A. to assisting at retreats  and school wide liturgies.

The chaplaincy office helps to coordinate a peer ministry program for new students.  This mentorship would involve senior students showing the newcomers the school facilities and explaining various school groups and clubs.


The Catholic School Council is an important organization for parents and others in the community.  The fundamental purpose of a school council is to improve student learning.  It does this by:

  • fostering participation by parents and partnership with community groups
  • being involved in plans to improve the school advising principals, school boards and the Ministry of Education and Training. Father McGivney has a very active school council and we encourage all parents to consider their involvement in the council.