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Hairstyling and Aesthetics

This chart maps out all the courses in the discipline and shows the links between courses and the possible prerequisites for them. It does not attempt to depict all possible movements from course to course.


Options for Grades 9-12

The following courses may be offered in some schools. For course descriptions refer to the corresponding (by grade) TXJ description below.


TXA3E Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Aesthetics

TXH3E Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Hairstyling

TXA4E Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Aesthetics

TXH4E Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Hairstyling


Exploring Hairstyling and Aesthetics TXJ1O
This exploratory course introduces students to concepts and skills related to hairstyling and aesthetics, including hair, nail, and skin care applications. Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues and will begin to explore secondary and postsecondary pathways leading to careers in the field.
Hairstyling and Aesthetics TXJ2O
This course presents hairstyling, make-up, and nail care techniques from a salon/spa perspective. Using materials, processes, and techniques used in the industry, students learn fundamental skills in hairstyling, giving manicures and facials, and providing hair/scalp analyses and treatments. Students will also consider related environmental and societal issues, and will explore secondary and postsecondary pathways leading to careers in the field of hairstyling and aesthetics.
Hairstyling and Aesthetics TXJ3E
This course enables students to develop knowledge and skills in cosmetology and offers a variety of applications that will equip students to provide services for a diverse clientele. Students will identify trends in the hairstyling and aesthetics industry, learn about related health and safety laws, and expand their communication and interpersonal skills through interactions with peers and clients. Students will also consider environmental and societal issues related to the industry, and will acquire a more detailed knowledge of apprenticeships and direct-entry work positions.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: WorkplaceGRADE: 11
Hairstyling and Aesthetics TXJ4E
This course enables students to develop increased proficiency in a wide range of hairstyling and aesthetics services. Working in a salon/spa team environment, students will strengthen their fundamental cosmetology skills and develop an understanding of common business practices and strategies in the salon/spa industry. Students will also expand their understanding of environmental and societal issues and their knowledge of postsecondary destinations in the hairstyling and aesthetics industry.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: WorkplaceGRADE: 12
PREREQUISITE: TXJ3E - Hairstyling and Aesthetics