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Principal's Message

Dear Students,


We are thrilled to announce that on-line scheduling has come to Athens High School.  Sponsored by Career Cruising, this on-line guidance and counseling program will afford next year’s Freshmen-Senior Red Hawks a wealth of information and more specific scheduling options, such as linking alternate course choices to specific classes. 


To assist with the process, we have a video tutorial and usage-tips-page located on our website. It will walk you through the process. Students will need their I.D. number and their E.D.P. password. Students who do not remember their password may click “forgot password” and it will be emailed to you.


If you have difficulty using the on-line program, please call your counselor for assistance. They are happy to help. Also, if your family would prefer to schedule on-line at school, we have four computers located in the Guidance Office; they are available any school day from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


The classes you request are of extreme importance. High school prepares you for your future, for your adult life beyond our walls. While it is very typical not to definitively know what career you will pursue, it is essential to explore possibilities, become familiar with what you are good at and interested in, and to understand what you need to do to achieve careers of interest.


We want you to think about:

  • What are some of the traditional and growing career fields that interest you?
  • Would these professions fit with your talents?
  • What classes and skills would be needed for these careers?

We also want you to challenge yourself. Please keep in mind that over 56% of Red Hawks graduate taking one or more Advanced Placement (A.P.) classes. Not only do these courses better prepare you for your future, they also give you an opportunity to improve your G.P.A., for credit is awarded on a five point scale. In other-words, it gives you a grade point safety net. We offer 21 A.P. classes and want you to feel comfortable pushing yourself. 


We want you to take your time. Please talk with your parents and select classes that you will find both meaningful and beneficial. A great schedule is the best way to have a great year and the best way to gather needed skills for your future.


We hope you enjoy scheduling on-line.


Lara J. Dixon