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Physical Education
Health and Physical Education (UNC REQ 9-12) 60492X0
Health and Physical Education is a required course for all 9th grade students. Students will study topics related to mental health, nutrition, chemical and substance abuse, safety and first aid, chronic diseases, and family life. Physical Education will emphasize physical fitness, games, sports, and recreational activities one can pursue through adulthood.
Team Sports Studies 60392X0TSS
This course is designed for students who desire to advance their skills in the sports of football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball and soccer. Students desiring to take this class must get prior approval from their previous Physical Education teacher. Students will participate daily in skill mastery and students will be required to participate in game situations. Students will learn the fundamentals that are necessary to compete at a high level in these sports. They will have a better understanding of the skills necessary to perform in a competitive environment. Students will also be required to attend 3 athletic events assigned by the teacher.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 9-12
OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Prior approval from previous Physical Education teacher
Weight Training--Females 60392X0WF
Weight training and conditioning specifically designed for the female student. Students will improve overall fitness level and learn skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This course may be repeated for credit.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 9-12
PREREQUISITE: 60492X0 - Health and Physical Education (UNC REQ 9-12)
Weight Training--Males 60392X0WM
The student is required to display a positive attitude toward strength, agility, speed, quickness, and flexibility training as observed by the instructor. If these criteria are not met, student will not be eligible for any other levels of weight training in the future.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 9-12
PREREQUISITE: 60492X0 - Health and Physical Education (UNC REQ 9-12)
Sports Medicine 60632X0
This course is an introduction to the profession of Athletic Training and the related fields of Sports Medicine. Students will gain knowledge in the domains of athletic training, such as injury prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and return to play. Topics will include medical terminology, pharmacology, psychology of the injured athlete, blood borne pathogens, and administration and organization of the athletic training room setting. Heavy emphasis will be placed on human anatomy. Students are required to observe at least 5 sporting events during the semester.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 10-12
PREREQUISITE: 60492X0 - Health and Physical Education (UNC REQ 9-12)
Lifetime Sports 60392X0LS
Lifetime Sports teaches skills in sports that students can use throughout their life to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sports such as tennis, golf, bowling, snow skiing, weight lifting, power walking/jogging, horseshoes, badminton, ping pong and others are taught.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 11-12
PREREQUISITE: At least a numeric grade of 77 in the previous physical education class
Sports Medicine & Athletic Training Advanced 60632X0A
This course is designed for students who want an advanced study of athletic training and sports medicine. Topics will include tissue repair, rehabilitation of specific injuries, psychological effects of injury and rehabilitation, legal issues in sports medicine, and organization and administration of the athletic training room. A case study and research paper will be required. Students will be required to perform 15 hours in the training room outside of class per 6 weeks during the semester.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: AdvancedGRADE: 11-12
PREREQUISITE: 60632X0 - Sports Medicine