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English Electives
Appalachian Studies 10252X0AS
This class will introduce students to a variety of information regarding the Appalachian region, with special emphasis given to Ashe and surrounding counties. The course will approach the study of the region in a cross-disciplinary form, incorporating the study of things like history, music, art, and literature as a means of understanding the significance of the Appalachian region. The class will also encourage students to pursue independently guided research into local culture. Some writing will be required. (Elective Only)
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 9-12
Creative Writing 10252X0S1
Creative writing is an elective which gives students with special interests in writing the opportunity to improve and expand their talent. Students will write poetry, short stories, dramas, essays, and other works as assigned by the teacher. Peer editing and writing for publication will help students improve editing skills.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 10-12
PREREQUISITE: At least numeric grade of 77 in last English class
Young Adult Literature 10252X0YA
This course is for students who want to take their love of reading Young Adult (YA)/Teen Literature to the next level. Students should be avid readers. Books will be selected from current and former YA Bestseller lists and will range in genre. Students will be expected to participate in whole-class and small-group discussions, maintain an online blog, and reflect creatively on the books. Students will explore related careers in publishing, bookselling, and professional writing, as well as complete a contemporary author study. Students may have to purchase books for class. (This is an elective class).
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 11-12
PREREQUISITE: 10222X0 - English II