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Social Studies Electives
Turning Points in American History 43092X0
This course is designed to emphasize, in greater depth, 10-15 key turning points in American History. These turning points would be "hinge" events in our nation's history, caused by, and subsequently contributing to, major social, cultural, political, and/or economic events. Possible Turning Points: Election of 1800, Mexican-American War, Chicago's World Fair, the 19th Amendment, WIlliam McKinley's assassination, the Scopes-Monkey Trial, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, 9/11.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 9-12
Bible History 48002X0BH
This course is a study of early world history as outlined from a Biblical viewpoint. This includes a look at the history and culture of people in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) as well as the New Testament. The major objectives of this course are to give a basic overview of the content of the book with emphasis given to outline its influence on other works of culture, on the development of language, and on historical perspective.
COURSE NOTE: NOTE: Class cannot be repeated for credit.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 9-12
Sociology 44002X0
This course is designed to help students explore social issues including religion, families, conformity, self, ethnic relations, gender roles, etc. It will introduce everyday problems, current controversies, social interactions, as well as various theories of social change.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 10-12
Criminal Justice 48002X0CJ
This course is designed to introduce students to the various careers in all the major areas of the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice fields. In addition to this, the students will be provided with the information to develop tools necessary to work and succeed in the Criminal Justice community. The class will include in-depth group discussion, guest speakers, thought provoking individual & group assignments and detailed lectures.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 10-12
AP Psychology 4A057X0
This course is an in-depth college-level class that gives the student an introductory look into the field of psychology. Sixteen topics will be covered ranging from research and the biological bases of behavior to psychotherapy and social behavior. By scoring 3 or above on the AP exam most colleges will give the student credit for the Introduction to Psychology course at their respective universities. In order to receive weighted credit, students must take the AP exam.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: Advanced PlacementGRADE: 10-12
PREREQUISITE: At least an 85 in Honors level social studies classes
Psychology 44032X0
This course scientifically studies human and animal behaviors and experiences. The student will learn about emotions, motivations, memory, human development, learning, personality development, sleep, dreams, and mental disorders.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 11-12
Holocaust Studies Honors 48005X0
This course is designed to assist students in analyzing major events, themes, people, turning points, and consequences of the Holocaust and its impact on the United States and the world. Students will participate in in-depth study of the origin of anti-semitism and discrimination and both ancient and modern examples of genocide. Students will participate in primary source analysis, film study, and secondary readings dealing with the Holocaust and its influence.
COURSE NOTE: If student did not take Honors Civics, then they had to have completed Honors or AP American History 1 and 2 with an 85 in order to enroll in this class.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: HonorsGRADE: 11-12
PREREQUISITE: 42095X0AHH - American History: Founding Principles, Civics and Economics Honors
AP Government & Politics 4A067X0
This course will provide students an intellectual foundation for observing, analyzing, and understanding national politics in the United States. Using primary and secondary source documents, as well as analysis of specific examples, students will examine and evaluate the institutions of American government, political parties and elections, mass media, political behavior, public policies, and the development of individual rights and liberties and their impact on citizens. The content of this course is the equivalent to that of an introductory college course in US Government and Politics. In order to receive weighted credits, students must successfully complete the course and take the AP exam.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: Advanced PlacementGRADE: 11-12
PREREQUISITE: 42095X0AHH - American History: Founding Principles, Civics and Economics Honors or 4A077X0 - AP United States History
OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Student must have a positive recommendation from his/her English II & III teachers and all previous social studies teachers.
European History Honors (AP Prep) 48005X0EH
This is the AP prep course to AP European History. The two classes must be paired together.
COURSE NOTE: Teacher approval required. Companion to AP European History.
COREQUISITES: If you take this course, you must also take 4A017X0 - AP European History
AP European History 4A017X0
The AP program in European History is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and conceptual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials in European History. The program prepares students for intermediate and advanced college courses by making demands upon them equivalent to those of full-year introductory college courses. Students are expected to demonstrate a knowledge of basic chronology and major events and trends from the Renaissance through the Cold War. Students should take the National AP Exam at the end of the year especially since some form of World History is required at all major universities. In order to receive weighted credit, students must take the AP exam.
COURSE NOTE: Must be paired with European History Honors to make a complete year.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: Advanced PlacementGRADE: 12
PREREQUISITE: 42092X0AH - American History: Founding Principles, Civics and Economics or 43055X0 - American History II Honors
OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Instructor approval is required and approved student application is required.
COREQUISITES: If you take this course, you must also take 48005X0EH - European History Honors (AP Prep)