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Drafting I IC612X0
This course is not a shop/lab related course. This course is a technical drawing course that
introduces students to the use of simple and complex graphic tools used to communicate and understand ideas and concepts found in the areas of architecture, manufacturing, engineering, science, and mathematics. The relationships between mathematics, geometry and the industrial sector of the economy are explored. Topics include problem-solving strategies, classical representation methods such as sketching, geometric construction techniques, as well as computer assisted design (CAD), orthographic projection, and 3-D modeling. English language arts, mathematics, and science are reinforced.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: RegularGRADE: 9-12
Drafting II - Engineering IV225X0
This course introduces students to the use of the graphic tools necessary to communicate, analyze, and understand the ideas and concepts found in the areas of engineering, science, and mathematics. Topics include teaming and communication skills, 3D modeling, manufacturing processes, dimensioning and conventional tolerance, section views, auxiliary views, and pattern development.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: HonorsGRADE: 10-12
PREREQUISITE: IC612X0 - Drafting I
Drafting III - Engineering IV235X0
This course teaches the development of knowledge and advanced skills in Engineering Drafting and Design. An understanding of 3D CAD concepts and terms, and the use of 3D CAD software such as INVENTOR or solidworks, are essential to this course and the required method of producing finished drawings. Topics include cover advanced levels of Engineering Drafting and Design, Employment Requirements, Engineering Design Concepts and Principles, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Parametric-Solid Modeling, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Working Drawings and Assemblies, 3D Modeling, Sheet Metal Parts, and Professional Portfolio.
CREDIT: 1TYPE: HonorsGRADE: 10-12
PREREQUISITE: IV225X0 - Drafting II - Engineering