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We welcome all new and returning Bulldogs - and parents and guardians - to the SWC Student Course Guide.  

Here you will find course descriptions and information about all of the courses that we will be offering for the 2018-2019 school year.

The links immediately below this page provide some information about special programs - be sure to check them out as well!  

Course Selection Procedure:

Students, in consultation with their parents/guardians and teachers, are responsible for their course selection. When planning your course selections, please consider the following:

·         Your strengths and interests

·         Your preferred learning style

·         Course pre-requisites

·         Your post-secondary plans (college, university, workplace, apprenticeship)

Course availability is based on the number of students who request a course.  Consequently, it is very important that students make careful and wise choices during the course selection process.  Some courses may be cancelled due to a low number of student requests.  CHOOSE ONCE, CHOOSE WISELY.

All students are expected to carry a full course load. Students are expected to take the following number of courses

·         Grade   9  =   8 courses

·         Grade 10  =   8 courses

·         Grade 11  =   8 courses

·         Grade 12  =   3 or 4 courses per semester 

eLearning courses can be found under the Guidance link on the SWC website.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Guidance Department - (905) 684-6349.