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Principal:  Aline Daniel        

Vice-Principals:  Carol Diamond, Susan Maharaj, George Tsigaridis


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Our school is a modern-learning community.  We are future-oriented, self-disciplined, life-long learners, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive and caring environment that fosters communication and mutual respect. Our focus is on the development of character in conjunction with the development of creative, social, academic, and technological skills needed to be successful in this ever-changing and competitive world.


Fundamental to the attainment of our vision is a dedication to:

· creating a strong partnership of home, school and community

· honouring the participation and contribution of all cultures within our community

· applying equitable practices

· developing an appreciation of the arts through exposure to a variety of disciplines and the right of the individual to self-expression

· becoming creative problem solvers through the application of critical thinking, risk taking and effective, positive communication

· balancing academic and non academic activities by developing resilience and positive decision-making skills for intellectual, physical and social health

· exploring technology and using it responsibly in our learning and in our lives

· promoting effective leadership skills

· demonstrating awareness and actions that have a positive impact upon the environment 

· celebrating achievement

· creating a safe and supportive school

· reaching our full potential as citizens

· demonstrating commitment, responsibility, and accountability

· maintaining our well-being




The School Program


Middlefield Collegiate Institute maintains high academic standards and expectations for all students.  We offer a wide range of programs in academics, athletics and the arts.  We  also offer four Specialist High Skills Major Programs (SHSM), cutting edge technological courses, intensive support for English Language Learners  and Special Education support services when required.  Our building is fully wheelchair-accessible.

Promotion and Reporting


At Middlefield Collegiate Institute, the school year is divided into two semesters. Students will receive an interim progress report after six weeks of instruction in each semester. A provincial mid-semester report card is issued to every student in November of semester one and April of semester two. Formal parent-teacher conferences also occur each semester. A final provincial report card is issued at the end of each semester in January and June.


At the end of each semester, a credit is awarded for each course successfully completed with a minimum grade of 50%.




e-Learning is available to York Region District High School students who require courses that are not currently available to them through day school.


Online credit courses allow students to:

v select  from a wide range of subjects

v benefit  from applied, college, university/college, university, workplace, and open course types

v recover course credits they need for graduation

v access  course materials when ill or away

v access  thousands of interactive resources to help understand tough concepts

v reduce  timetable conflicts

Fully-certified teachers support students as they work through the course material to ensure that the help they require is readily available.  E-Learning does not replace traditional school programs in the Board, but supports, extends and enhances instruction.

For further information, visit

and/or make an appointment with your guidance counsellor 

to discuss whether or not this type of learning is for you.





It is our belief that students should assume responsibility for making careful educational decisions. Students should consult with parents/guardians, subject teachers, and guidance counsellors when choosing courses.  It is also important to consider the following factors when choosing courses:

· the career goals of the student;

· the strengths, skills, and interests of the student;

· diploma requirements for graduation; and

· prerequisites for entrance to post-secondary programs including apprenticeships, colleges, private career colleges, skilled trades, universities

Course availability will be based on the number of students who request the course. Consequently, it is very important that students make careful, wise choices during the Course Request Process to ensure availability. Some courses may be cancelled due to a low number of student requests. 

Once classes begin in September, course transfers and changes are considered only in extraordinary circumstances and where space permits.  Therefore, it is important to take both time and care in the preparation of your Pathway Planning.



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