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Bowmanville High School 

49 Liberty Street North, Bowmanville, ON L1C 2L8
School Phone: (905) 623-4416 School Fax: (905) 623-3269
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Principal: Jamie Patenall

Vice Principals: D. Boone, Christina Carey-Herbert

Guidance Lead: Jeff St. Thomas

Guidance Secretary: Jill Curzon 905-623-4416 ext 212

Superintendent: Student Achievement: Gloria Thompkins

Trustees: C. Abraham- (905) 987-1833 Cathy




Bowmanville High School will strive to provide a positive, caring, and respectful environment with equal opportunity for all students to acquire the academic and personal skills necessary to learn, communicate, problem solve, and adapt to our changing world.

The teaching and support staff at BHS are superb professionals who work very hard to provide a safe environment and the best learning opportunities for our students. They put in countless hours, work diligently to meet the needs of all learners and hold themselves to the highest academic standards. The staff at our school care about our students, our school, and our community.


In addition to our diverse academic program, BHS offers a wide variety of sports teams, bands, choirs, a major theatrical production, a dance recital, music concerts, charitable donations and a variety of optional field trips.


School Program

Bowmanville High School is a composite school offering diversified academic and technological programs for grades 9 through 12 that include; French Immersion, Special Education, and a strong arts program including dance, music, visual and theatre arts. Our school’s Code of Conduct is developed with staff, student and parent collaboration and it ensures that staff and students work and learn in a safe and secure environment.
The staff work collaboratively to provide balanced, integrated programs in which students are given constant opportunities to improve skills, to enhance self-esteem, and to build confidence.

Bowmanville High School operates on a two-semester timetable. Most students take four courses from September to January (semester one), and then take four courses from February to June (semester two).


It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL STUDENTS TO MAKE CERTAIN THEY EARN CREDITS IN COURSES WHICH WILL ENABLE THEM TO MEET THEIR LONG-TERM GOALS. Students are urged to consult with teachers, counsellors and parents in order to select the appropriate courses and/or levels that best meet their needs and abilities. Any exceptions to a full course load will be considered on an individual basis by the administration in consultation with teachers and parents.

Changing courses during the semester is discouraged. In cases where change is unavoidable, parental involvement is required. The best possible arrangements are made on an individual basis. Course changes are made with the assistance of a guidance counsellor, and may require the approval of the administration.


COURSES CAN BE OFFERED ONLY WHEN SELECTED BY A REASONABLE NUMBER OF STUDENTS AND AT THE DISCRETION OF THE PRINCIPAL. Some courses therefore, may not be offered even though they appear in the calendar’s descriptions. Students originally selecting these courses will be given their alternate selection.


School Facilities

Large auditorium - seats 550

3 gyms,cinder track, playing field, weight room

Dance studio

Cafeteria - seats 420

57 classrooms/12 portables/6 science labs

Approx. 400 computers, WiFi Internet access throughout school

5 computer labs/4 academic/1 technological

2 mobile class sets of laptops

2 music rooms

1 Student Leadership Council Room

Special Education Resource Centre

Co-operative Education Centre

Wheelchair accessible

Extensive community use during evenings and weekends


Our Students

Over 280 Grade 9 students come to BHS each year. In addition to our 100 intermediate
students, we have approximately 1200 students enrolled; students come to BHS from schools in the Bowmanville area as well as for the French Immersion program.

Some of the many ways our students get involved:
Activities - LINK Crew, Peer Mediation, Dance Recitals, Model UN , B-LINK
Sports - Interschool Teams
The Arts - Bands, Choirs - Perform concerts annually and an evening to showcase class work, Annual Dance Performance, Annual Theater Production, Arts Days - Visuals Arts.

Mathematics - University of Waterloo Canada Wide Test, Descartes Math Test
Science - Sir Isaac Newton Physics Test

Student Leadership Council (SLiC)

Student Leadership Council (SLiC) continues this year to allow the development of leadership skills within the student population while providing a voice to students within the school. The Council is involved in the organization of activities and student events to support the social development of students and community growth for the wider school.


Students On the Leading Edge (SOLE)

Students interested in expanding thier leadership skills and getting involved in community projects are ideally suited for SOLE. In partnership with some of the area elementary schools, the Fire House youth centre and a number of other agencies students put theory into practice.


Community Outreach and Involvement

Bowmanville High School students consistently demonstrate their character through fundraising activities that support others. Annually, BHS participates in the Terry Fox Run and the Annual Earth Day Clean-Up. The school has also provided support to other local organizations and events such as: Hoops for Heart, Bowl for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Salvation Army, Blood Donor Clinics, and the 30 Hour Famine. The Christmas Toy Drive for Bethesda House supported 105 families over the Christmas season.
Students helped to develop hiking trails along Bowmanville Creek, completed a variety of work for elderly neighbours, worked as student instructors for elementary students in the Durham Groundwater Festival, and assisted with equipment and publicity for Ontario Power Generation’s NatureFest.

We offer a School Breakfast Program to support people in attendance at the school to help reduce hunger and enhance student achievement. BHS Staff and Students work diligently to support our community agencies for the betterment of humanity.


Sports Teams/Clubs

Bowmanville High School offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of co-curricular teams and clubs which enhance the learning experience and the growth potential of students throughout their high school experience. All students, both male and female can participate in a variety of sports which spans all seasons. BHS hopes to expand student participation to other groups and teams each year.
OFSSA / LOSSA Contact: Julie Dowling (P.E. Program Leader)