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Welcome to the Career Cruising Parent/Guardian Portal

Parents, guardians, or other authorized individuals can explore Career Cruising and see the career development and education planning work that their child has accomplished.

If you have more than one child using Career Cruising, you can link multiple student accounts to your login.

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What is Career Cruising?  
  • Career Cruising is an Internet-based career exploration and planning tool used by your son or daughter to explore career and college options and develop a career plan. Career Cruising can be accessed from school, from home, or wherever your son or daughter has access to the Internet. Features of the program include:
  • Interest and Skills Assessment - a world-renowned career assessment tool to help people identify suitable career options based on their interests and skills
  • Career Profiles - thorough and up-to-date information about hundreds of different occupations, including direct links between careers and related college programs
  • Multimedia Interviews - interviews with real people in each occupation, which add depth and realism to career profiles
  • College and University Information - comprehensive college and university information, with a number of useful search tools to help students find the post-secondary path for them.
  • Career Portfolio - students can keep track of their goals, interests, and experiences to build a plan for high school and beyond.
  • Communication Platform - teachers and advisors can post important links and documents, make announcements, and upload assignments for students to complete.
  • Resume Builder - integrated with the portfolio to help students format and print professional-looking resumes quickly and easily
What is the Parent/Guardian Portal?  

As the parent or guardian of a child with a Career Cruising account, you can:

  • View your child's goals, interests, achievements, and experiences
  • Track your child's plans and progress
  • Provide feedback to your child and his or her teachers and advisors
  • Receive messages from your child's school
  • Explore Career Cruising to learn more about career and education options
I don't have an activation code. How do I get one?  

If your son or daughter has a Career Cruising account, you can obtain an access code in one of two ways:

  1. From your child's school: You can request one from your child's teacher or advisor.
  2. From your child: Your son or daughter can send you an email invitation with an access code. (Please note: Some schools may have deactivated this option. If that is the case, please contact your child's school for an activation code.)
Activation Code  
You should have received an activation code from your child's school or from your child. The activation code should be 8-characters long, including both letters and numbers, e.g. A1b2C3d4. An activation code can only be used once.
In order to create your account, you must have an activation code from your child or your child's school. If you do not have an activation code, please contact your child's school.
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