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Career Cruising Launches New College Planning Timeline

Planning the transition from high school to college is a complex, sometimes daunting task for most students. While every student’s journey is different, some basic guidelines can help students and parents navigate the road ahead.

Our recently-launched College Planning Timeline provides just that kind of assistance. Adapted from US Department of Education resources, this new section provides a wealth of information for students in grades 8 to 12 on managing the college planning process.

“The college application process is a challenge for many students, but with the right information and an early start, we can help set students off on the right foot,” Meredith Beyer-Alldridge, Career Cruising’s Senior Project Manager. “We’re excited to be able to support students with this new tool.”

The College Planning Timeline complements Career Cruising’s existing education and training tools and our TCA test prep program. Your students will find everything they need to get started preparing for their college experience, including:

  • reminders of deadlines for test registrations
  • information on financial aid applications
  • recommendations for high school courses
  • questions to ask teachers and counselors

It also includes tips for using Career Cruising’s assessments, databases, and portfolio to manage all the information necessary for college applications.

Students can access the College Planning Timeline in the Explore Schools section.

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